Hedningarna About

As early as 1994 the band Hedningarna were voted "the liveact of the year".
Now, beside all the member changes, record company crashes and side projects, the power of the instruments and the magic in the music are as unbroken and up-front as they always were.
Hedningarna is stepping out with a new CD and summer line-up of live gigs.

Beside the original members Anders Norudde and Hållbus Totte Mattsson you will now find the multi-instrumentalist Samuel Andersson in the line up as well as Valter Kinnbom on percussion and on stage.

The Band started touring in Spain 1997 and since then there has been numerous concerts all over the Iberian peninsular, the rest of Europe and in the US.

This is the bands first CD release in ten years and it coincides with a series of summer’s festival gigs, a comeback by public demand, which starts at Sweden’s biggest festival Peace & Love.

A new generation of pagans will get the chance to be blown away by the band’s three-beat-magic and their forest of strange instruments.


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